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Employee Engagement focus is critical for business!

Have you ever walked into a business and noticed employees doing things other than their job? For example, these disengaged employees might be talking on their phone, looking at their phone, or simply not focused on their customers. We've all noticed them, but how do disengaged employees really impact a business? Well, first of all, disengaged employees cost businesses a lot of money. Once you add up the¬†absenteeism and the cost of hiring and retraining, or the customers you lose as a result of their lack of customer focus it can add up quick! For example, many businesses spend $100,000+ … [Read More...]

Executive, Business, Life Coaching Benefits

There are many, many benefits to having an executive, business, life coach. It truly can and will change a persons life. Unfortunately, most people who are not familiar with professional coaching assume that having a coach is much like having a traditional athletic coach who tells you what you're doing wrong and then tells you how to do it. That's not what coaching in the modern sense is about at all, and as we all know, a coach, boss, or anyone for that matter telling someone consistently how to do something creates a person who is conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to believe they must always go … [Read More...]

Winter Blues? Depression?

Do you have the winter blues? Or do you think you may be going through a depression? On a scale from 1 - 10, 1 being low, and 10 being high...what is your depression number? You know what... let me teach a technique that can help you get out of your depression! There's actually three things that shape our emotions! 1. Our physiology & posture, 2. Our mental focus, and 3. Our language. Let's start with posture first. If you hang your head and have other negative gestures or body language (e.g. a closed posture) it can send youself into a depression. Your body's posture and physiology … [Read More...]

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