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Eight Hazardous Leadership Mistakes

Unfortunately,  as we all know, there is no such thing as a perfect leader. Just watch the nightly news and you will see and hear about leaders around the world who have made Leadership mistakes! {C:  I'm a BIG believer that if these leaders reflected a little more and had even had an executive coach they might have been more aware would of their blind spots and tendencies {C: I am super excited about this topic and my upcoming book! Stay tuned! If you are in need of speaker, trainer or coach for you business, school or event please let me know! Over-analyzation: The leader … [Read More...]

Spiraling Dynamics

Well! (C: First of all, I want to apologize for not posting a blog update in a while! I've received several emails recently from individuals around the country wondering when the next post is coming. As you can imagine with my school district's start up I've been very busy,  however I want to share some of my research on spiraling dynamics. It's a very fascinating topic and I believe strongly it's another way to better understand ourselves, our family, and our team. Most people who know me well, know that I have always been fascinated with personality tests. What fascinates me the most is … [Read More...]

How to Deal with Office Politics

While many businesses have strong corporate rules regarding healthy competition in the office, the chances of running into issues down the line are improbable. A study revealed that nearly 60% of employees believe that office politics “is somewhat necessary to get ahead.” While some consider it “a necessary evil,” it’s not healthy, and can affect productivity. So, how can you deal with office politics when it happens in your company? Read on below to find out the best way to manage controversy and problems in the office without affecting your relationship with co-workers and your … [Read More...]

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